Our mission is to support and facilitate the development of strategic, cybersecurity-focused decisions for Europe.

Our goal is to build a dedicated platform for co-operation among government representatives, non-governmental organisations, and key private-sector organisations.


The CYBERSEC Forum is the first conference of its kind in Poland and one of just a few regular public policy conferences devoted to the strategic issues of cyberspace and cybersecurity in Europe.

We promote practical recommendations that increase resilience to cyberthreats, at both micro and macro levels (specific economic sectors, countries, EU as a whole).

Through dialogue oriented and targeted approach to specific challenges, we provide a strong cross-stakeholder impulse for increased awareness and urgency in developing solutions that reach beyond national borders and enhance collaborative efforts.

In particular, our recommendations help strengthen co-operation between the Visegrad Group, the countries of the Baltic Countries and other countries of Central Europe.


The key aspects of social, economic, and military interactions are being increasingly transferred to cyberspace. The benefits for business and the functioning of states are obvious. However, this increasing dependence on ICT, necessitates the development of a cybersecurity system that involves all stakeholders and puts cybersecurity education in the centre of the debate. This is increasingly becoming a precondition for economic growth, socio-economic stability, and international security.

Many countries, therefore, are making even more significant strides in turning their attention to cybersecurity and building their defensive and offensive capabilities in cyberspace. However, this is only the beginning of a long road, on which dialogue, co-operation, and best-practice sharing, are only few of the necessary steps.


Incidents in cyberspace are an everyday occurrence. Many of them have important consequences in “the real world”. Cyberattacks on critical infrastructure threaten the security of states and millions of citizens. The private sector, which is increasingly becoming the direct or indirect target of attacks, bears huge economic losses. In the meantime, geopolitical tensions continue to rise at an alarming pace.

The building and strengthening of cybersecurity systems, therefore, must be the subject of a complex analysis and debate right now.

At a challenging time for Europe, CYBERSEC addresses a very important gap in the calendar of the most influential events and conferences dedicated to the strategic problems
of cybersecurity in Europe.


Intense geopolitical tensions, extensive usage of ICT systems by terrorist organisations and more frequent and serious-in-consequences attacks on critical infrastructure, create the need for Europe to build a comprehensive cybersecurity system. Such a system will need to rely on more efficient forms of co-operation between public and private sectors, as well as educating experts for the European market of innovative cybersecurity products and services.

Finally, 2016 sees the early stages of implementation for important legislation, reorganising European legal order in several aspects of cybersecurity.


Strategic approaches to personal data security, privacy and cyberspace sovereignty among the partners of the transatlantic alliance have been following increasingly divergent paths. In the wake of emerging threats, dialogue and enhanced co-operation are now essential for partners in order to strengthen mutual trust and develop common cyberspace policies. This new path is of paramount importance for international security and peace.


CYBERSEC will be held in Poland, the country which, due to its geopolitical position, is particularly exposed to destabilising activities conducted in cyberspace. As Poland is one of the largest EU Member States, hence, a key actor in Central Europe, its role in setting the agenda will have a significant impact on the new cybersecurity roadmap extending far beyond the region.

Poland will host the 2016 NATO Summit in Warsaw, with issues concerning cybersecurity on top of the agenda of this strategic meeting.