National Representative of UN Secretary General Initiative Global Compact - Poland

Mr. Wyszkowski on behalf of the UN coordinating the cooperation of business, cities, universities and other institution of higher education as well as NGOs. In the years of 2002-2009 UNDP employee, responsible for the international multilateral cooperation as well as the development of programs in Europe and Asia. He was working in dozens of countries implementing development programs, in particular in Iraq, Georgia, Thailand, Romania and UNDP headquarter in New York. From 2009 until 2014 a Director of the United Nations Development Program Office (UNDP) in Poland. He was a lecturer at the Central European University in Budapest, Columbia University in New York, Lviv University, Koźminski University (Akademia Leona Koźmińskiego), Ignacy Paderewski Institute of Diplomacy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Warsaw School of Economics as well as at the University of Warsaw.

UN and EU policy expert, in particular in the field of business and administration cooperation as well as mobilization of the private sector to implement the UN development goals and standards. A specialist in development cooperation, multilateral collaboration and transfer of knowledge. As a UN employee he is dealing with economic diplomacy, social and economic innovation and social economy development. A lawyer specializing in international law. A graduate of the prestigious UNDP Development Academy. Together with the team that he led, honored by a prestigious medal of the Parliament of the Republic of Poland for the efforts made in favor of people with disabilities, and development of the Polish Social Economy model.

At the international level he deals with the strengthening of cooperation between United Nations Global Compact delegations in Europe, Commonwealth of Independent States, Africa and the Middle East. Specialist and practitioner involved in development aid, multilateral cooperation and knowledge transfer.

Between 2009 and 2012 a member of the Strategic Advisory Board of the Prime Minister in Poland. On behalf of the Team of Advisors to the Prime Minister, inter alia, a co-author of the Long-term National Development Strategy until 2030 and the coordinator of the Human Capital Development Strategy until 2020. Since 2014, a member of the Expert Council of the National Center for Research and Development for the Economic and Social Innovation matters.

Permanent commentator of TVN24 Business and World (TVN Biznes I Świat).