The European Cybersecurity Journal (ECJ) is a specialised quarterly publication devoted to cybersecurity. The main goal of the Journal is to provide concrete policy recommendations for European decision-makers and raise awareness on both issues and problem-solving instruments. The Journal had its premiere during the CYBERSEC Forum 2015.

The ECJ is a platform of regular dialogue on the most strategic aspects of cybersecurity. Subscribers to the ECJ read insights on the most important trends in cybersecurity and have an opportunity to get to know first-hand perspectives from leading specialists.


  • European-level representatives, sectoral agencies of the European Union, International Organisations Representatives, including the Euro-Atlantic alliance
  • National-level officials of European countries, Government representatives and Regulatory Affairs Directors & Managers, as well as diplomatic representatives
  • Law Enforcement & Intelligence Officers, Military & Defence Ministries Officials
  • Legal Professionals, Representatives for Governance, Audit, Risk, Compliance, and investors
  • Chief Executive Officers, business decision-makers in the fields related to critical infrastructure, including Information and Communications Technology, Data Privacy & Cybersecurity, Finance & insurance, Power Generation & Distribution, Transportation, Manufacturing & Automotive, Chemical Industries, Mining & Petroleum, Pharmaceutical
  • Opinion leaders, specialized media, academic experts



Dr James Andrew Lewis

Director and Senior Fellow of the Strategic Technologies Program, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), USA


Dr Joanna Świątkowska

CYBERSEC Programme Director and Senior Research Fellow of the Kosciuszko Institute, Poland


Alexander Klimburg

Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council / Hague Centre for Strategic Studies 

Helena Raud

Member of the Board of the European Cybersecurity Initiative, Estonia

Keir Giles

Director of the Conflict Studies Research Centre (CSRC), UK


Izabela Albrycht

Chairperson of the Kosciuszko Institute, Poland




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  • Editorial
    Dr Joanna Świątkowska, CYBERSEC Programme Director and Senior Research Fellow of the Kosciuszko Institute
  • Interview
    Dr James Andrew Lewis, Director of the Strategic Technologies Program, CSIS
  • Interview
    Adam Palmer, Global Cybersecurity Policy & Strategy Leader at FireEye
  • Cybersecurity Governance – The New Governance Paradigm
    Helena Raud, Board Member at the European Cyber Security Initiative, Estonia
  • Influence of Internet of Things Cybersecurity on Functioning of Critical Infrastructure
    Andrzej Tymecki, Tomasz Łużak and Artur Świacki, Exatel
  • Data and Cybersecurity
    Dr Jozef Vyskoc, Owner of VaF, Slovakia
  • The Reality of Cyberwar – Current Concepts and Future Trends
    Prof. Jarno Limnéll, Professor of Cybersecurity in Finnish Aalto University
  • Cyberwar and Cyberdefence in the framework of NATO and the EU
    Bart Smedts, Research Fellow at the RHID-CSDS, Belgium
  • European Cyber Foreign and Security Policy through Digital Integration
    Dr Annegret Bendiek, German Institute for International and Security Studies
  • Cybersecurity Legislation In The Czech Republic
    Tomáš Rezek, Association for International Affairs (AMO), Czech Republic
  • Cybersecurity Is a Team Sport
    Piotr Puczynski, Vice-Chairman of the Board, Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego
  • Cyber Innovation Centers – Accelerating the Growth of Cyber Capability
    Jim Jaeger, Chief Cyber Services Strategist at Fidelis
  • European Cybersecurity: Today’s Decisions Are Tomorrow’s Terrain
    Paul Nicholas, Senior Director, Global Cybersecurity Strategy and Diplomacy, Microsoft


  • Editorial
    Dr Joanna Świątkowska, CYBERSEC Programme Director and Senior Research Fellow of the Kosciuszko Institute
  • European Cybersecurity Forum 2015 – Conclusions and Recommendations
    Dr Joanna Świątkowska, CYBERSEC Programme Director and Senior Research Fellow of the Kosciuszko Institute
  • Interview
    Dr Martin Libicki, Visiting Professor at the U.S. Naval Academy, Senior Management Scientist at RAND
  • Norms, confidence and capacity building: putting the UN recommendations on information and communication technologies in the context of international security into OSCE-Action
    Karsten Geier, Head of the Cyber Policy Coordination Staff in Germany’s Federal Foreign Office
  • The Role of the State in Creating the Safe Cyberspace and Its Attitude Towards the Internet of Things
    Rafał Magryś, Specialist In Designing And Implementing IT Systems For The Public Administration, and In Implementing Recovery Scenarios For The Projects At Risk, Exatel
  • Cybersecurity in Ukraine: Problem and Perspective
    Prof. Oleksandr Potii, Kharkiv National University, Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics
  • Cyber Technologies. New Expertise of Polish Armament Group
    Artur Kołosowki, President of the Management Board and CEO in WCBKT S.A. – one of the companies belonging to the Polish Armaments Group
  • European Cybersecurity Must Be Strengthened
    Prof. Jarno Limnéll, Professor of Cybersecurity in Finnish Aalto University
  • Education as A Key Factor in The Process of Building Cybersecurity
    Izabela Albrycht, Chairperson of The Kosciuszko Institute and CYBERSEC Organisational Committee
  • How Should Private Companies Deal with Cybersecurity?
    Agnieszka Wiercińska, LL.M. – advocate, senior partner at WKB Wierciński, Kwieciński, Baehr law firm
  • E-Residency and Data Embassies: A Country Without Borders
    Piret Pernik, International Centre for Defence Studies, Estonia
  • Advanced Attacks and Integrated Defence
    Tomasz Niewdana, Systems Engineer, Fortinet
  • The Need of New Form of Politics in Context of the Technological Changes (IoT)
    Rob van Kranenburg, Co-Founder of the Internet of Things Council
  • Competitiveness and Innovation in the Digital Single Market
    Dr Rolf H. Weber, Ordinary Professor for Civil, Commercial and European Law at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, Visiting Professor at the University of Hong Kong


  • Editorial
    Dr Joanna Świątkowska, CYBERSEC Programme Director and Senior Research Fellow of the Kosciuszko Institute
  • Militias, Volunteer Corps, Levée en Masse or Simply Civilians Directly Participating in Hostilities? Certain Views on the Legal Status of “Cyberwarriors” Under Law of Armed Conflict
    Wiesław Goździewicz, Legal Adviser to the NATO Joint Force Training Centre in Bydgoszcz (Poland)
  • Hackers, Hacktivists, and the Fight for Human Rights in Cybersecurity
    Stefania Milan, Assistant professor at the University of Amsterdam
  • 2015: A Year in Review, As Seen from the Security Operations Center
    Gawel Mikołajczyk, Cisco Active Threat Analytics EMEAR Security Operations Center (SOC) in Krakow, Poland
  • Race on Talented People – Case of Finland: What Kind of Skills Are Needed?
    Antti Pelkonen, Jarno Limnéll, Reijo Savola, Jarno Salonen, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd
  • 2016: Critical Year for EU Cybersecurity?
    Jan Neutze, Director of Cybersecurity Policy at Microsoft responsible for Europe, Middle East, and Africa
  • Incident Reporting in the Context of Critical Infrastructure
    Piotr Ciepiela, Leszek Mróz, Tomasz Wilczyński, Operational Technology Advisory, EY; EY’s Advanced Security Center in Poland
  • Gathering Identifier System and Cyberattack Threat Intelligence
    Dave Piscitello, Vice President, Security and ICT Coordination at ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)


  • Editorial
    Dr Joanna Świątkowska, CYBERSEC Programme Director and Senior Research Fellow of the Kosciuszko Institute
  • Interview
    Olivier Burgersdijk, Head of Strategy, European Cybercrime Centre
  • Planning for Cyber in The North Atlantic Treaty Organization
    Kate Miller, Research and project assistant with the Cyber Security Project at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs.
  • Under What Circumstances May Civilian Hackers Be Targeted for Killing?
    Jeffrey Carr, Author of Inside Cyber Warfare: Mapping the Cyber Underworld (O’Reilly Media, 2009, 2011), founder of the Taia Global, Inc
  • Information Sabotage – the Cyber’s Undiscovered Country?
    Jani Antikainen, Venture capitalist, Researcher at Jyväskylä University in Finland
  • Dangerous Web Surfing – “I Will Be Very Surprised, If This Comes to Light”
    Exatel Security Operations Center
  • Open and Secure – The Role of Internet Standards in Governing Cyberspace
    Robert Siudak, International Project Coordinator in the Kosciuszko Institute responsible for CYBERSEC HUB and CYBERSECtest.pl initiatives.
  • Interview
    Dean Valore, Managing Partner of the Cleveland, Ohio law firm of Valore & Gordillo, LLP.
  • The Trap of Information Security & Escalating Cyber Risk
    Jack Whitsitt, Senior strategist at EnergySec
  • Trends in Joint NATO- EU Cyberdefense Capabilities
    Piotr Trąbiński, Cybersecurity expert at the National Centre for Strategic Studies, Poland


  • Editorial
    Dr Joanna Świątkowska, CYBERSEC Programme Director and Senior Research Fellow of the Kosciuszko Institute
  • Interview
    Christopher Painter, The U.S. Department of State’s Coordinator for Cyber Issues – USA
  • Directive on Security of Network and Information Systems: The Arcana of the EU Decision-making Process
    Agnieszka Konkel, Counsellor to the Minister at the Ministry of Digital Affairs – Poland
    Liga Raita Rozentale, Counsellor on Cybersecurity Policy, Latvian Permanent Representation to the EU and the Latvian Delegation to NATO – Latvia
  • Top Five Security Threats Facing Your Business and How to Respond
    Ann Johnson, General Manager at the Enterprise CyberSecurity Group within the Enterprise & Partner Group at Microsoft – USA
  • Cybersecurity of Industrial Control Systems: Some Aspects of Current Problems
    Andrzej Kozak, Advisor to the President of the Office of Technical Inspection, Senior Lecturer at the Technical University of Lodz – Poland
  • Interview
    Janusz Kowalski, Vice President of the Management Board, Corporate at PGNiG – Poland
  • Protecting the public core of the Internet: a diplomatic agenda
    Dennis Broeders, Professor of Technology and Society at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, Senior Research Fellow at the Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR) – Netherlands
  • Welcome to the Era of Cognitive Security
    Martin Borrett, IBM Distinguished Engineer and CTO IBM Security Europe – UK
  • Security in the Domain Name System
    Matt Larson, Vice President of Research at ICANN, Co-Host of the “Ask Mr. DNS Podcast” – USA
  • Ukraine’s Cybersecurity Strategy and Ways to Implement it
    Mykhaylo Gutsalyuk, Leading Specialist of the Interagency Scientific Research Centre on Organized Crime Combating of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine
  • 2016: First Semester Review by SOC
    Gaweł Mikołajczyk, EMEAR and APJC Active Threat Analytics at Security Operations Centre (SOC) Lead at Cisco – Poland
  • Cyber Implications of Technology Trends: Their Impact on Critical Business Infrastructure
    Jakub Bojanowski, Partner, Consulting, Deloitte – Poland
  • The Cyber Frontier: Digitalization of the Global South
    Niels Nagelhus Schia, Senior Research Fellow at Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) – Norway


  • Editorial
    Dr Joanna Świątkowska, CYBERSEC Programme Director and Senior Research Fellow of the Kosciuszko Institute
  • Speech at the 4th Annual European Cyber Security Conference
    Sir Julian King, Commissioner for Security Union – Belgium
  • Building Confidence in the Cyber Realm as a Means of Preventing Conflict – a Swiss Perspective
    Prof. Solange Ghernaouti, Director of Swiss Cybersecurity Advisory and Research Group – University of Lausanne – Switzerland
    Laura Crespo, Researcher at the University of Lausanne and Employee of Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs – Switzerland
  • Interview
    Alastair Teare, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Deloitte Central Europe – Hungary
  • Advancing Security Monitoring Operations
    Brett Taylor, Cyber Pre-Sales Technical Manager in the International Services & Solutions Divisions at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence – United Kingdom
  • Mapping Out Online Jihadism: a Case Study of Twitter and Telegram
    Pepijn Bierhuizen, Cadet at the Royal Dutch Army and New Media and Digital Culture BA & MA from the University of Amsterdam – Netherlands
  • Interview
    Ondrej Krehel, Digital Forensic Lead, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and Founder of LIFARS LLC – an international cybersecurity and digital forensics firm – USA
  • Cyber Challenges: Future Direction for Innovative Insurance Companies
    Dariusz Gołębiewski, associated with PZU Group, Team Manager of the project “PZU LAB Research and Development Center” – Poland
    Izabela Lewandowska-Wiśniewska, coordinator of Cybersecurity Project in the PZU LAB – Poland
  • Adaptive Defense: a Capability Maturity Model Framework
    Adam Palmer, Global Cybersecurity Policy and Strategy Leader – USA
    Dr. Philipp Amann, Senior Strategic Analyst, Head, Strategy Development Team at the EUROPOL
  • We Want Customers to Trust Biometrics
    Witold Sudomir, Director of the Department of Safety and Security Technology – Poland